MEET THE DOCTOR:                                         

Robin Dale, MD

Dr. Robin Dale is a native of Denham Springs and a 1993 Graduate of DSHS. His undergraduate, medical, and residency training were all done in the LSU system where he received honors as one of the few scholarship recipients to medical school and was also honored as the Chief Resident in Alexandria. He began private practice in 2004 in Denham Springs, later joined Ochsner in 2006, and transitioned to Our Lady of the Lake Livingston in 2015. Longing to have control over the ever-evolving landscape of medicine, he decided to open his private practice to provide the absolute best for his patients, every visit, every time. “The freedom to create the practice I desire is a blessing beyond measure. I have created a practice that I am proud of, that will treat you as I would want to be treated, that will care for you as family,” says Dr Robin Dale. “Please come see the difference my family of employees can make for you.”

Cindy Moreno

Cindy will serve as Medical Assistant and Front Office Specialist.  She has been a Medical Assistant (MA) and Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) since 1996.  Cindy has been doing this so long that she can anticipate what the doctor and patient need even before they state it, frequently leaving Dr. Dale perplexed as her level of knowledge is certainly way beyond the degree she has behind her name.  She is the best kept secret in the medical community and Dr. Dale has once again picked her for his awesome team.  She most recently worked the referrals position at the Lake, a job that no one else could do correctly and was super stressful, but Cindy took down that mountain of work one rock at a time and managed it like a champ.  She has experience in every aspect of the office, both front and back, and is an excellent choice for a small practice due to her well rounded abilities.  She has lived in the area all her life and is the proud mother of two grown girls and wife to JD, the love of her life.  Cindy says, “I look forward to working at Dr. Dale’s practice every morning.  This is not just a job for me, but an ongoing passion to help people and a part of who I define myself by.  I find true happiness in serving others and cannot wait to serve you.”

Heather Flynn

Heather Flynn, office manager, finished High School at Parkview Baptist.  She has an associates degree in Applied Science with a concentration in criminal justice and graduated with honors from Baton Rouge Community College.  She is currently in nursing school for her RN degree. She is also a certified clinical medical assistant.  She worked for Dr. Henry Young since the age of 17 and has done everything at his office including office manager for 9 years.  She is very skilled in insurance collections and specializes in attention to detail which is extremely valuable.  Her talents in the exam room show up quickly with her breadth of knowledge in medical terminology and medications.  She is an efficient, hard worker that takes her job very personally to make this practice the best it can be.  Heather enjoys traveling, socializing with friends and family, playing with her dogs, and Saints Football.  Heather cannot wait to handle your needs stating, “I want to help our patients obtain health and will do whatever I need to keep them there.  My heart longs to care for people.”

Whitney Hunt

Whitney Hunt, medical assistant, finished High School at Woodlawn and received her Medical Assistant degree from Medical Training College in 2017.   She was a student at Robin Dale, MD during her training and we could not let her get away because she was the sweetest thing ever.  She is punctual, caring, and dedicated to getting your health information in the record correctly.  She works on our health maintenance, ques up annual exams, and allows us to have the best healthcare possible for many chronic conditions such as Diabetes, Cholesterol, and Hypertension.  She enjoys the power and roar of her 700 horsepower 2015 Mustang.  She is an animal lover, enjoys watching football and baseball, and playing volleyball at Beach Bums.  Whitney says, “I am so happy to be a part of this family that truly cares for me as an employee as much as we care for our patients.  I look forward to coming to work every day to make a difference in our patients’ lives”.